ATELIER MANARCHY was built in the 1890’s as a maple syrup factory, and sometimes on a warm day you may detect the faintest essence of coffee, maple and brown sugar.

It is rumored that in the 20’s Al Capone used the building as a speakeasy and gin mill, and during the 50’s the garage where the camera is kept was a chop shop.

In 1980, the building was renovated and designed by Dennis Manarchy to respect Chicago industrial architecture. The 10 foot clock was custom made for the building as a homage to Chicago’s iconic clocks.

The space is a gallery for Manarchy’s work (photographs and sculptures) with objets D’art and primitive antiques which are all for sale. It is also the home of the world’s largest camera created for an ongoing project: An American Portrait, dedicated to America’s vanishing cultures.

The Hanger

The hanger at Manarchy houses the largest Camera in the world, able to produce photos of almost 100,000 megapixels. It produces the clearest, most detailed portraits ever captured.

“There are essential American cultures that are so beautiful and interesting but vanishing before our eyes. The epic sizes of the photographs allow the viewer look into their eyes to get a sense of who they really are,” Manarchy remarked.



656 West Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60654

Unique Clock Room & Art Gallery that can be personally transformed in imaginative ways for corporate events, bridal ceremony & reception and cocktail receptions. The 10’clock was specially made for the building.

Kitchens, private suite/green room, dedicated wi-fi, freight elevator and HVAC for year round comfort. Valet parking available. Event insurance fee included.

Located in the Riverwest neighborhood. Easy access from the Kennedy expressway and 10 minutes from McCormick Place.


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